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Computer Recycling Dubai | Preventing e Waste Dubai

As any computer professional knows, one of the most difficult things to accomplish with any business is to find a viable way to reuse and to recycle outmoded or outdated computers and peripherals otherwise known as e waste. Dubai and the rest of the UAE has suffered with this problem for a number of years.

It is in this area that Computer Services truly shines with our modern e waste recycling techniques. We take great pride in offering professional companies a socially responsible alternative to sending these computer components to the landfill by offering quality services in computer recycling. Dubai Computer Services Company recycles your used computer equipment safely and securely. 

We ensure that your data erasure is complete using specifications and data erasure equipment that conforms to the US DOD standards in every detail. Hard drives and media storage areas may be destroyed in several ways. Computer Services provides you with complete documentation of the entire process. You'll know by the certificate provided that your data has been cleaned and erased or your hard drives destroyed completely according to the specifications that you set forth.

Computer Services works with each client, providing services to their desires and recommending alternative methods for computer recycling in Dubai or the wider UAE once they have passed their business usefulness. We can remove your computer equipment, your servers, telecommunications and data centres. We can pick up, remove and store any hardware that you desire to be removed.

We can remove all data and refurbish equipment that may still be useful, passing it along to Africa or South East Asia as part of the initiative of the United Nations. When unable to be useful, Computer Services will break down the computer equipment and recycle it in a way that is environmentally friendly.

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