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Home IT Services

Many families are dependent on their home computers and the internet for much of what they do. When your Wi-Fi is not working or you experience signal black spots it is frustrating and can create tension in the home as family members require access to the internet. Every family will use the internet for different purposes and we can help you set up an optimal home network. So whether you are running a business from your home or need to share files, photos and videos with family members we have a solution for you.

In these days of technological advancements families have multiple devices in their home and will us PCs (desktops/laptops), Macs, tablets and mobile devices. Some home users are very sophisticated and have their own networks for their family’s needs.

Many home users do not consider their network’s security or regularly update their anti-virus software or run scans unlike most corporates. Many of the call-outs we receive are from frustrated home users who have had issues with pop-ups or infected machines through viruses.

Why not let one of the Computer Services team visit your home to take a look at your home computer set-up? We can advise on upgrades, maintenance and security or even design a webpage for your family or home business.  A computer system needs looking after, whether it's based at work or at home. Let us show you how to get the most from your home computers, and keep you and your family safe from online threats.

We provide IT solutions and support for your every need

How can we help you? Take a look at some of the areas where we have helped home users:

  • Hard wired and Wi-Fi network setups
  • PC and laptop setups
  • Data backup solutions
  • Data recovery
  • Virus and popup removal
  • Upgrades and repairs
  • Mobile phone data setups
  • Remote/telephone or on-site support
  • Setup of home entertainment and smart multimedia options
  • Hardware sourcing and purchases
  • Parental controls
  • IT training
  • Setup of home business solutions
  • Installation of speaker solutions inside and outside the home (want a wireless solution where the family can listen to the music they like when others are listening to something else?)
  • Installation of CCTV or baby monitoring solutions
  • Access control systems

What do you use your home network for? The chances are that you use your home network to complete online banking and money transfer transactions or maybe you are running a small business from home. We have visited some home where the default password for their router is still being used. Other users have a book next to their computer with their passwords for easy use. Many devices we look at have the passwords for the main sites they visit saved on their machine. When was the last time you loaded the updates for your operating system or ran a scan with your anti-virus? Is your valuable data backed up? Are you backing up your photos, videos and family memories? 


IT home consulting services:

Not sure what you need or maybe you are struggling to get the best out of your home IT?

The team at Computer Services can evaluate your current set up and can either reconfigure or suggest modifications to optimise your home IT solution. It is surprising home many home in Dubai suffer from poor Wi-Fi coverage throughout their apartments or villas. We would be pleased to provide you with solutions to maximise your Wi-Fi coverage and meet your IT requirements throughout your home.  Don’t put up with a poor signal or a lack of coverage in your home! Get the best from your IT home solution by calling or emailing one of the Computer Services team today.

Quick tips and best home network practices:

  • Change your router password and include capitals, lower case characters, symbols and numbers. For example: A basic password could password and a more secure version could be [email protected]
  • Don’t store your passwords in a pad next to your machine.
  • Run software updates regularly.
  • Perform anti-virus scans of your machines
  • Be careful what you download
  • We know of people using bit torrent sites to download movies and series, be careful on what and how you download from the internet as you could be exposing your home network to unwanted visitors
  • Upgrade your internal RAM as it will help your machines run more efficiently
  • Defrag your drives to ensure optimal performance
  • Install a high quality router for your Wi-Fi needs namely; downloads, gaming and streaming of music and video
  • Regularly clean your machine and make sure it is free from dust and sand
  • The setup of a VPN line so you can watch your favourite series from back home
  • Create a family or home buisness website

Please contact use for a free remote login software to see how we can assist you further by using the below link: FREE SOFTWARE