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How’s Business? In the UAE a wide variety of new and start-up businesses form each day. The climate for business in Dubai is remarkable, but that isn't all that it takes to keep your business strong. Founded by Alex Jenkins, a UK computer professional, who in 2005 started Computer Services UK, Computer Services Dubai now brings quality computing within reach of every UAE based business.

Did you know that small businesses who lose all of their computer data for any reason are usually out of business within five years? Did you know that more than 35% of small businesses that lose their computing systems for ten or more days immediately go out of business? These facts only support the extreme importance of quality computer care. Dubai and the UAE now has the solution with Computer Services.

Of those companies, 50% of companies lose their data for specific reasons. Firstly, they do not make adequate backup copies and store them off-site. Secondary to this is the fact that many small businesses do not adequately provide for the health and security of their computer systems. Computer Services Dubai can take care of all of your IT health and security needs from A  Z across the UAE.

Today the UAE is playing host to some of the largest and most creative companies in the world. From large corporations to innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups, the UAE needs solid professional computer services. Dubai businesses require excellent IT solutions to ensure their continuity.

When you're looking for the best computer services in Dubai or wider UAE, the most professional advice and consideration for your computer care, Dubai and UAE businesses know that Computer Services delivers. Quality computer service in Dubai requires careful attention to detail, expert knowledge and skills, and always available customer service.