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Based in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Why Choose us?

Our professional team of subject matter experts at Computer Services offer clients the following services:

  • Business consulting and review of processes and systems through health checks and IT audits;
  • IT governance and security consulting;
  • IT risk management review and assistance with policies and handbooks;
  • A comprehensive devoted hardworking IT team, to take care of all their computer needs & requirements, (without the huge overhead cost of hiring and training an IT engineer or an entire IT division);
  • Technical Support and guidance to help you reach achievable financial goals;
  • Effective tools/knowledge to help you secure, monitor & maintain your clients' networks, hardware & information technology;
  • Help and guidance to implement and maintain notification systems;
  • Encode measures in place to prevent and protect confidential information;
  • Real-time monitoring systems to protect customers response time in times of critical need;
  • Customer Excellence Frameworks; and
  • A realistic and affordable SLA (service level agreement) turnaround time to help boost sales and turn potential client leads into new business for you.