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Change Management and
Business Strategy

Based in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Change Management & Business Strategy Dubai

It's been said that the only thing certain in life is change. In many cases, changes are very positive. That is true only if the change management is well managed and well planned.

Change management Dubai is a business strategy that can be used to assist your team to transition to any type of change more rapidly and more effectively. Employees, teams, and entire organisations can benefit from an organised change management training process where the changes are introduced, worked through and understood completely by every party involved in the change. When large and sweeping changes are in the works for your business, your team could benefit from a change manager. Dubai Computer Services can provide your company with the change management training in Dubai that you need to accomplish a seamless transition.

Board / Director evaluations & Business Consulting & Advisory services

Robert heads a team of professionals who provide consulting advisory services to directors and organisations in Dubai and the wider UAE. Listed and regulated companies are required by law to conduct director evaluations as part of their corporate governance reporting. In this region many family businesses operate under an established corporate governance framework which encourages good governance through director training and board/committee evaluations. We conduct board evaluations and director consulting and advisory services through a combination of forms, questionnaires and face to face interviews which are presented as a report to the chairman and wider board.

Board evaluation, director training and director advisory services should form part of your structured change management plans. By setting aside time and resource for the annual development of your directors you are looking after the sustainability of your organisation and measuring their performance through board evaluations.

At Computer Services, our team of qualified professionals can help to provide insights, thoughtful leadership and expert guidance when your business is considering the implementation of a change. 

Rob Ford, our managing director has assisted myriad businesses with strategic planning and assisted senior management with the planning, implementation and management of major changes to the company. So whether it is an organisational change, cultural change, a change in your processes or systems or a full IT software or IT infrastructure change; Computer Services Dubai can help you in strategic planning, communication design and assistance through to the implementation stages.

Key areas are considered when looking at any change initiative:

  • Communication planning;
  • Identification and engagement of key change agents;
  • Organisational design;
  • Cultural awareness and culture change planning;
  • Changes to IT systems;
  • Changes to IT software;
  • Changes to IT procedures and policies;
  • Changes to key security protocols,
  • The need for workshops and briefing sessions;
  • Changes to key personnel or delegation of authority;
  • Training requirements; and
  • IT security and risk management awareness training.